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JCS hose clamping products available for free for ventilators and medical equipment

production of ventilators

Sudbury-based high performance hose clamp manufacturer, JCS Hi-Torque Ltd are eager to provide help and support to any business involved in the development and production of ventilators or associated medical equipment for the fight against the coronavirus. JCS is willing to supply hose clips, cable clips and any standard products from the JCS product portfolio

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COVID-19 notice


In accordance with the guidance issued by Public Health England JCS Hi-Torque Ltd is continuing to manufacture and supply our products. The need for businesses to carry on is particularly important to us, as we are a supplier of components required for important infrastructure projects supporting the fight against COVID-19 and extensively used for the

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Are constant tension hose clamps effective?

constant tension hose clamps

Our tests show that JCS’s Hi-Torque hose clamps outperform industry-standard constant tension hose clamps. We are sometimes asked by clients how our hose clamps compare with constant tension hose clamps – a different design of hose clamp to the hi-grip and hi-torque worm drive clamps we manufacture at JCS. Design flaw The idea behind constant

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How to prevent street sign theft

How to prevent street sign theft using hose clips

Street sign theft is a constant problem, particularly for local authorities, who spend thousands of pounds each year replacing signs taken by thieves.  Whether the losses are down to student japes, trophy hunters or the rising problem of metal theft, there are measures councils can take to minimise the inconvenience and cost. Tamtorque  – a

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How do heavy duty clamps differ from standard ones?

How do heavy duty clamps differ from standard ones?

Our heavy duty Hi-Torque clamps and standard Hi-Grip clamps may look similar but there is a considerable difference in the level of performance and strength the heavy duty clamps offer compared with their regular counterparts. Putting strength to the test For example, we tested the 70mm versions of the clamps made from BS304 stainless steel.

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How a 2000-mile yacht race was saved by a humble hose clamp

Yacht race

250 miles from any land and 300 miles from port in the Bermudes 1000 race, a crucial gooseneck pin connecting the boom and mast on British Sailor Pip Hare’s yacht came loose. She needed to solve the problem while at sea, otherwise it would have been ‘game over in every way’ as she says in

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Why successful businesses focus on total cost – not unit price

focus on total cost

JCS Hi-Torque are the UK’s leading supplier of worm drive hose clamps. Producing over 25 million clamps a year at their Suffolk factory, JCS have a reputation for providing the highest quality products. What’s so important about total cost? Tom Allen, sales manager at JCS Hi-Torque, explains why focusing on total cost and not just

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Why should you be interested in JCS Banding?

JCS Banding

JCS Banding is a highly versatile, multipurpose, easy-to-use fixing system that saves time and money. What is JCS Banding? JCS Banding is an extremely adaptable cut-to-size banding system. Banding coils are supplied in 10m and 30m lengths complete with worm-drive connectors. All components are available in both zinc-plated mild steel or high-strength 304 stainless steel.

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Tamtorque: Our guide to the tamper-proof clamp

Tamtorque guide

  See just how safe, quick, and easy to use our Tamtorque tamper-proof clamps are with our handy how-to video below. Guide 1. Move the tamtorque buckle underneath the screw. 2. Using a special drill bit adaptor unscrew the clamp. 3. Pass the tail of the clamp through the U channel on your signpost or

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Under Pressure? Hose clamp pressure ratings considered…

Pressure gauge

Although often provided by other hose clamp manufacturers, JCS Hi-Torque does not provide maximum pressure rating for their hose clamps. Why is this? Multiple components and variables The hose clamp is only one of several components that form a complete, functioning hose connection. The safe working pressure of a hose connection is affected by a

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