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Stainless steel worm drive hose clips

Hi-Grip worm drive hose clips


Hi-Grip general purpose worm drive hose clips are widely regarded for their quality, durability and ability to withstand a great deal of abuse. They are manufactured to exceed BS5315, which has the highest requirements of any of the international standards and tests sealing ability, clamping force and torque.  Also has BSI Kitemark and NATO approval, and exceeds all operational requirements of the relevant DIN and SAE standards.

Hi-Grip Zinc Platedsmall_grey_kite

Used for a wide variety of domestic, automotive and industrial applications, the standard Hi-Grip hose clip is made from heavily zinc plated mild steel with additional protection from a passivation layer.

Hi-Grip 304 stainless (A2)hi_grip_st

Hi-Grip stainless steel worm drive hose clips have become the industry standard for demanding applications throughout the world due to their exceptional quality and performance.

Made entirely from 18/8 marine quality stainless steel and with Lloyds Register Approval, they are ideal for salt water and other highly corrosive environments.

Hi-Grip 316 stainless (A4)hi_grip_st

Principally aimed at the marine, food, petro-chemical and pharmaceutical industries, the Hi-Grip 316 hose clip is made entirely from BS316 austenitic stainless steel, providing the the same superior performance as the rest of the Hi-Grip range but with maximum corrosion resistance.

Lloyd’s Register Type Approved for marine, offshore and industrial use.

wing_screwHi-Grip wing screw

Specifically designed for frequently removed hoses, the unique dovetail locking and side lugs of the wing plate ensure excellent sealing and longevity. The soft plastic wing plate cover is kinder to unprotected fingers.


Hi-Grip Datasheet

Material specifications

Hi-Grip – All parts mild steel, bright zinc plated and passivated
Hi-Grip 304 Stainless – All parts BS304 – EN1.4301/1.4567 – A2
Hi-Grip 316 Stainless – All parts BS316 – EN1.4401/1.4578 – A4

Hi-Grip accessories and packaging


Flexible screwdriver

This purpose made screwdriver with flexible shaft to makes fitting easier even in awkward areas.


Retail packaging

We supply retail pack cartons of 10 pieces (shrink wrapped into blocks of 100 cartons).




Available for van, wall or counter location to promote the sales of Hi-Grip hose clips. The wall and van mounted units hold 680 clips in retail packs, whilst there are versions of the counter units for both the zinc plated and stainless ranges.


Bulk Packaging

Hi-Grip clips can also be supplied in strong polythene bags packed in quantities of 50, 25 or 10 pcs depending upon diameter sizes. For large users we provide a bulk pack version where Hi-Grip hose clips are packed in strong corrugated cardboard boxes.