Applications - JCS Hi-Torque

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JCS hose clips are trusted throughout the world for their strength, durability and reliability across a wide range of applications and industries, including (but not limited to):

Food Processing & Pharmaceutical

The inherent cleanliness and properties of our 316 stainless steel hose fixings ensure they meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical industry as well as the rigorous hygiene requirements of the food processing industry.


Stainless steel hose clips have become the industry standard for marine applications throughout the world due to their high quality and exceptional corrosion resistance. Notable clients include Sunseeker Yachts and the RNLI.


Safety standards are paramount within the aircraft maintenance industry, which is why JCS hose clips are a popular choice for their quality and reliability and are manufactured to meet the modern BS5315 which exceed the operational requirements set out in the Aviation Standard SP.91.


JCS hose clips are in use throughout the automotive industry, particularly in high end applications such as performance cars and motorsport, most notably within Formula 1.

Councils and local authorities

In particular, our unique range of specialist tamper proof sign fixings are a popular and valued choice.



JCS clips are tough enough to withstand the daily rigours of agriculture, farming and other rural industries.

Other commercial and industrial applications…

JCS clips are widely used for a wide range of other applications, including rail, oil and gas, drainage and renewable energy.