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Clips or clamps

Does JCS make hose clips or hose clamps?

It’s a question our customers continue to ask – does JCS make hose clips or hose clamps?

A quick look through our product range will show that we, in fact, manufacture both. By why the different terminologies?

Regional differences and British heritage

The explanation is a simple one and is linked to differences in regional vocabulary and British heritage.

Virtually everywhere else in the world, except the UK, the term used to refer to a worm drive hose clip or clamp….is clamp: the Americans say clamp, as do the French. The Germans say ‘der klemme’.

But in the UK – it is common for people to also use the term ‘clip’.

This variance in jargon, we believe, harks back to the brand name Jubilee Clip – used by the original manufacturers of the worm drive hose clamp who patented the design in the 1920s.

Hi-Grip hose clips and Hi-Torque hose clamps

Here at JCS, our response to this discrepancy has been to incorporate both terms – clip and clamp – into our product range.

Our Hi-Grip range of products, which are general purpose worm drive hose clips widely regarded for their quality and durability, we refer to as clips.

Whereas our Hi-Torque range we call clamps – these have been specifically designed for use with tough, wire reinforced hoses, and in circumstances where an extra margin of safety and reliability is required. We use the term clamps here as it suggest a product that is more robust and substantial.

But, ultimately, beyond the semantics, customers find all our products are world-class and use them in countless applications in locations throughout the world.


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