Why it’s important your hose clamps are installed properly

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hose clamps installed properly

Why it’s important your hose clamps are installed properly

We’d wager that hose clamps aren’t the first thing you think of when you consider potential health and safety hazards for vehicles or other applications. But the reality is that a hose clamp that has not been installed properly can be extremely dangerous in certain situations.

We’ve noted down a couple of the absolute worst-case scenarios, whilst stressing the importance of proper installation wherever you’re using your hose clamps.

Improperly installed Hose Clamps can cause vehicle fires

If a hose clamp is excessively tightened on a vehicle’s fuel tube, it can end up causing a serious vehicle fire. This is because the overly tightened clamp squeezes the hose, causing an extrusion of rubber and leading to the fuel tube itself becoming deformed.

This can then cause fuel leaks, which is the last thing you want to happen to a vehicle you’re hoping to drive. If this leaking fuel catches alight, it can engulf the entire vehicle beyond repair.

Most people assume that improperly installing hose clamps means that you’re not tightening them enough. But these instances prove that over tightening a hose clamp can be just as fatal.

This can happen to vehicles of various shapes and sizes

This isn’t just a concern for larger vehicles, like cars or trucks. An excessively tight hose clamp can also cause other smaller vehicles to catch alight. These might include golf carts at your local golf course, or certain types of go-karts. It could even happen to seaborne vessels, like yachts.

This can be an even greater safety concern, since these vehicles are less likely to go through regular MOT checks. The exact same thing can happen to this machinery; a hose clamp that’s too tight will wear through the material, creating a potential hole in the fuel tank.

How can hose clamp installation problems be prevented

The best way to prevent these kinds of disasters is to ensure your hose clamp is appropriately tight on installation. Hose clamps are particularly strong, versatile clamps; if it looks like you’ve gone too far with your tightening, consider lessening the grip.

You should also always double check over every hose clamp before installing them. They should then be regularly checked, regardless of how large your vehicle is.

If you do have any concerns or see a malfunction waiting to happen, you should replace the hose clamp immediately.

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