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Why do people steal street signs?

Did you know stealing street signs is a massively popular trend? There are dozens of reasons people choose to steal street signs. But our tamtorque clamps are a low-cost and effective way to prevent sign theft.

Collection and decorations

Some people collect seashells from the beaches they’ve travelled to, and others collect coins from the countries they’ve visited. Or sometimes, people collect street signs from the streets they’ve lived on throughout their life.

Then they decorate their homes with the signs, an interesting interior design choice.

Sold as scrap metal

Stolen scrap metal such as utility hole covers, cable cords, copper pipes, car parts, and street signs are a massive problem in the UK. It has been for years, and it can cost the UK government thousands of pounds.

People can make a nice bit of pocket change selling scrap metal, which is why they might steal street signs on quiet streets without any CCTV.


After a few pints of Stella, you too might think stealing a road sign in Yorkshire named Butt Hole Road might be an absolute laugh.

Or you may think it’s funny to steal the village sign from Shitterton, a lovely little village in Dorset, which holds the number one spot for sign theft. The village sign was stolen so often that the residents all chipped in to purchase a large stone engravement.

While their engraved stone is beautiful, not every village can chip in to purchase a giant engrave stone, a tamtorque hose clamp is an effective and cost saving alternative.

The serious consequences of street sign theft

While some of the reasons people steal street signs are all well and fun, stolen signs can result in the worst outcome; fatalities. For drivers unfamiliar with the roads they’re on, they might drive straight through an intended stop and have a high impact collision.

Local authorities can use our tamtorque clamps to secure street signs making them virtually impossible to remove, potentially preventing a fatal incident in their communities. They also can utilise the clamps to save themselves a hefty amount of money from replacing signs every so often.

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