Surprising elements of the manufacturing process JCS control in-house

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JCS in house practices

Surprising elements of the manufacturing process JCS control in-house… that you (probably) assumed were outsourced

JCS is recognised as a world-leading producer of high performance hose clips that are used widely across key industry sectors, such as marine, automotive and agricultural.

100% made by JCS in Suffolk

But when customers buy JCS, they really are getting a product that is made wholly by us at our specialist factory in Suffolk. We don’t buy in parts from other suppliers and then assemble them on-site or send products off to a third party to be electro-plated. Every step of the manufacturing process is carried out by us.

JCS 100% UK made

Today, where global supply chains are so optimised, this approach is not typical, but at JCS we feel this is the only way to assure quality of product and maintain tight control of stock.

Here’s a number of elements of our manufacturing process that JCS controls in-house… that you (probably) assumed were outsourced:

We manufacture our own screws in-house for quality control

We control all parts of the manufacturing process, even down to the production of the screws used in our hose clips.

Manufactured nails

The screw housings are stamped out on presses using tooling manufactured in our own tool room while the screws themselves are made using cold heading and thread rolling machines. This means we are able to control the quality of all parts in-house.

All JCS’s tools and machines are designed and manufactured on-site

We are rightly proud of our tool room where we not only produce all the machinery and tools needed for JCS, we also repair and maintain them on-site too.

Tool repair

This unique facility enables us to design and build our own hose clamp machinery – reducing the lengthy process of commissioning and refining new machines from an outside supplier. Over the years we have introduced new machinery as it has become available, investing in semi-automatic machines then fully automatic tools and, more recently, computer-controlled machines.

These developments have enabled JCS to increase its capacity enormously – we now produce 25million hose clips a year – whilst also concentrating on improving product quality and performance.

All JCS’s electro-plating is performed in-house

Electro-plating ensures our hose clips are rust resistant and don’t corrode, and is therefore a key step in the manufacturing process.

zink plating

Many of our competitors have closed their in-house plating facilities because of the stricter environmental regulations that have been introduced in recent years, but at JCS we took the decision to retain our electro plating operation.

This has involved considerable investment to ensure compliance but it has allowed us to maintain control over the complete manufacturing process within the company premises.

Everything is tested at different stages in the manufacturing process

After the completion of each stage of the manufacturing process, the batch parts are inspected in-house for any faults that may have occurred.

JCS measuring

This starts with an inspection of the steel sheets that arrive at the workshop, so the quality can be approved and released for production.Once the component parts are ready they are inspected again before being sent on to become finished products.

On completion, samples from each finished batch of clamps are fully tested for grip and torque to ensure they conform to the very high standards of both JCS and the British Standard 5315 specification.

JCS Measure

This rigorous inspection process insures the JCS products are amongst the strongest one drive hose clips in the world.

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