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silicon hose clip

Why JCS is the No. 1 choice in clamps for securing silicon hoses

Silicon tubing and hose is widely used in a variety of industries from the medical sector, where it meets cleanliness and non-toxicity standards, to aerospace and motorsport, which prizes the flexibility it offers.

silicon hoses

But despite this adaptability it does have certain properties that mean not all hose clamps are suitable for use in securing and sealing silicon hoses. And over time JCS’ products have emerged as the best choice of clamps to use in combination with silicon hoses.

Rounded band edges

A key reason why JCS is the number one choice in this area has to do with the more delicate material properties of silicon hose. Silicon hoses can be easily damaged by clamps with sharp edges, especially if used in an environment where there is a high level of vibration and movement.

rounded edges

With JCS clamps this is not an issue as the band edges on our products are rounded to give the best protection to the hoses they secure. This is not the case with many other makes of clamp that feature rough edges and burring.

Uniform pressure

Another reason why JCS is the go-to clamp where silicon hose is concerned has to do with the uniform way in which our clamps tighten, ensuring there is the same force exerted around the 360 degrees of the hose. Other types of clamps, such as the nut and bolt design, do not offer this uniformity of pressure.

This is important with silicon hose as they do not fit as snugly over the metal surfaces of the hose tails and ports they are connected to so are more reliant on a well fitted and tight hose clamp. It is always recommended when replacing rubber hoses with silicon to use new hose clamps as the existing ones may not be up to the job.

silicon hoses

Worm drive

The third area where JCS exceeds all other clamp manufacturers in the use of silicon hose is to do with their popularity in the motorsport arena. Clamps securing hoses in a high performance engine must be expected to function when there is constant vibration and shuddering

Users of JCS clamps know that our specialist worm drive design won’t undo because it only works in one direction.  The design provides a hi-torque clamp which prevents hose connections from loosening or leaking.

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