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The difference is in the detail

Why take chances? Choose JCS

While one hose clip might appear much the same as another, take a closer look and there is a marked difference. If you are entrusting the performance and reliability of hard working and valuable equipment to the integrity of a simple hose clip, you know are in safe hands with JCS.

Band Edges

JCS hose clips use fully rounded band material to give the best possible protection to the hose.


When we say “stainless steel”…

We do not cut corners. Unlike some of our competitors all of the components in JCS Hi-Grip Stainless and Hi-Torque clamps are made from the same grade of stainless steel – as evidenced by our extensive salt mist testing program.

Zinc plating methodologies

The unique in-house JCS zinc plating process used for our popular Hi-Grip product range means that the coating is applied AFTER the steel is cut to size, providing more thorough protection and also creates a brighter finish.

Screw heads

Our work hardened cold headed screws have a sharply defined hexagon head to prevent slipping or rounding.

Screw threads

By rolling rather than cutting our threads they are stronger, matching the band material.

Better sizing

JCS clamps offer a larger adjustment for each size than common nut and bolt clamps, thus reducing inventory requirements.

‘Heavy Duty’ JCS HI-Torque clamps

When the application is especially demanding, rest assured that JCS Hi-Torque hose clamps have more than twice the strength of ordinary worm drive hose clips and will last years longer.

Straight Line Housing

The intelligent design of the Hi-Torque hose clamp includes a unique ‘straight line’ housing, which ensures that every thread of the screw is fully engaged with the band to provide more torque and better strength.