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Seasonal security

Seasonal safety and security

Christmas trees, street decorations, Christmas lights, seasonal signs and public address systems are commonplace in every town and city centre during the festive season. Ensuring not only the safety, but also the security, of these Christmas fixtures is essential to those who are responsible for the installations.

Tamtorque, a simple but highly effective product manufactured and produced by JCS Hi-Torque, can provide peace of mind for the many installers and organisations involved with ensuring the festive features remain where they should, regardless of the unwanted attention of prying hands or any adverse weather conditions.

Manufactured from high-strength stainless steel, JCS Tamtorque fixing clamps provide a secure, tamper-free method of mounting various fixtures and signs to all types of round, square, hexagonal or unusual shaped posts and fixtures. Quick and easy to use they provide a reliable fix every time.

Secure and tamper proof

The anti-theft design of the clamp incorporates a hardened tamper-resistant screw that can only be tightened or released by using a unique seven-sided, patented Tamtorque bit. As a result,when using a Tamtorque clamp, the security of any fixture can confidently be maintained.


The Tamtorque clamping system also includes a safety buckle that provides a safe, secure and neat connection to the chosen application. This ensures that the free end of the stainless steel clamp does not protrude and causing injuries. Additionally, Tamtorque banding has a fully rounded edge which means no sharp edges which can cut or snag.


Tamtorque tamper resistant clamps can be used repeatedly – they are easily loosened, repositioned or removed completely.

Year-round applications

More typical non-seasonal applications for Tamtorque clamping also include:

Signs and signage – including road signs, public information signs and advertising displays
Street furniture – such as street lights, waste bins and flower planters
Electronic equipment – public address systems, signal control boxes, CCTV systems

Tamtorque offers unrivalled strength compared to other adjustable fixing systems and can often be used in place of more expensive and difficult to use fixtures and fittings secured with nuts and bolts. Tamtorque sign fixing clamps are available in seven standard lengths covering post sizes from 55mm to 340mm diameter, for bespoke applications custom length clamps are also possible.


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