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The proud history of JCS – a timeline

A key part of any business is its heritage and culture built up over time.

Here at JCS we are justifiably proud of our history – a legacy of quality production and excellence that stretches back 250 years – which has led us to be recognised as a leading manufacturer of hose clamps with our hi-grip range widely considered as the best on the market.

It’s been a long and eventful journey to get to this point, so we have put together a timeline of some of the key events in JCS’s history to show how we have evolved.


Jukes Coulson is listed in the first London Directory as ‘Iron Merchants’


Thomas Newton Stokes joins the business and the company changes its name to Jukes Coulson, Stokes


The company moves to Plaistow, East London, to focus on the manufacture of large welded steel fabrications and welded drums. Its new location near the docks is ideal for the export side of the business


The business receives its first contract for the manufacture of hose clips


JCS phases out welded steel fabrications and turns its full attention to hose clip production


The company changes its name to JCS Hi-Torque and in the same year production of the business’s own range of Hi-Torque heavy duty hose clamps begins


The firm relocates from East London to a purpose-built factory in Sudbury, Suffolk


The industry-leading JCS Hi-Grip hose clip range is launched


The Sudbury plant is enlarged to 44,000 sq. ft. (4,000 m²) as demand grows


The factory is extended further as JCS begins to supply P-Clips


JCS’s specialist electro-plating facility starts operating in Sudbury


The popular range of tamper-resistant Tamtorque clamps is unveiled


The first fully automated and computerised Hi-Torque machine is created

Present day

The company continues to build upon its proud heritage, and now produces in excess of 25 million hose clips each year


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