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JCS Banding

Save time on site with this fast and versatile cut-to-size fixing system.

JCS Banding is a cut-to-size fixing system, supplied in 10m and 30m coils (other lengths can be supplied on special order) complete with worm-drive connectors. Available in both zinc-plated mild steel or high-strength 304 stainless steel, making it ideal for a wide range of applications.

Easy to use

The key advantage of JCS Banding is its simplicity – cut the required banding length, engage one end into a connector and apply. It is easily adjusted, repositioned and or reused.

Strength and convenience

JCS Banding won’t let you down. It is strong, reliable and can often be used in place of more expensive and difficult to use bracketry secured with nuts and bolts.

Applications include:


Save time on site with this multipurpose fixing system.


JCS Banding is perfect for large diameter applications.

Other uses

Signage, electronic equipment, street furniture and more.

Material specifications

NCZBG – Working torque 5Nm
Banding – Zinc plated mild steel EN10084
Screw – Zinc plated mild steel BS311:87-0-B

NCSBG – Working torque 5Nm
Banding – Stainless steel BS304 EN 1.4301
Screw – Stainless steel BS304 EN 1.4567