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Distributors – are the clamps you’re distributing bad for your brand?

hose clamp distributors

Distributors working with hose clamp companies who simply source products rather than make them themselves could be damaging their brand and losing money. We are known to make a big deal of the fact that every part and component of our clamps are made in-house at our specialist facility in Suffolk. And we make no apology

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Exposed: ‘Tightening the clamp more will improve performance…’ and other hose clamp myths

Tightening hose clamp

Here at JCS, we live and breathe the world of hose clamps and are always discussing the subject with customers, industry contacts and users. On our travels we sometimes hear pieces of misinformation that are stated as if they are true but, in fact, they are incorrect. Therefore, we thought it was time we exposed

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What is ex-stock delivery and why is it important?


Customers who require our clamps quickly can be assured of a swift and efficient service. The term ex-stock refers to goods which are available immediately from a supplier’s stock-holding and, therefore, can be sent to customers with little or no lead time – other than the time it takes to deliver them. React speedily to

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Why the right band edge can make all the difference on a hose clamp

Our rounded band edges ensure JCS clamps won’t cut into the hose pipes they secure. Here at JCS we like to say that the difference is in the detail. By that we mean that, although to the untrained eye one hose clamp might look the same as another, there are a number of subtle but

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Why the marine industry looks to JCS for quality and performance


JCS’s Hi-Grip Stainless and Hi-Torque range are the go-to hose clamps for operators the marine sector. Hose clamps may be relatively small and are often under-appreciated, but they perform very important functions that many people rely on the world over. Performing crucial functions in the marine sector In no sector is this truer than in

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Beware of imitations! – How one company tried and failed to copy the JCS hose clamp

Beware of imitations

Created almost 100 years ago, the world’s first worm-drive hose clamps were trademarked under the name Jubilee. Original catchphrase The company’s name became synonymous with hose clamps – so much so that the firm’s strapline for years was – ‘beware of imitations!’ Of course, other manufacturers, such as JCS, have established themselves as global players

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Why JCS continues to be proud to put it’s name to the Made in Britain campaign

Made in Britain

It’s been a year now since JCS signed up to the Made in Britain campaign and 12 months on it remains an initiative that JCS is committed to and proud to be a part of.   Promoting the British manufacturing sector The Made in Britain scheme aims to unite and promote the British manufacturing sector

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Does JCS make hose clips or hose clamps?

Clips or clamps

It’s a question our customers continue to ask – does JCS make hose clips or hose clamps? A quick look through our product range will show that we, in fact, manufacture both. By why the different terminologies? Regional differences and British heritage The explanation is a simple one and is linked to differences in regional

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The proud history of JCS – a timeline

A key part of any business is its heritage and culture built up over time. Here at JCS we are justifiably proud of our history – a legacy of quality production and excellence that stretches back 250 years – which has led us to be recognised as a leading manufacturer of hose clamps with our

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How our clamps are helping scientists to better understand the behaviour of walruses

Walrus tracking

Scientist tracking walrus in the Arctic Ocean chose JCS’s worm-drive clips to secure radio transmitters to their tusks. Used successfully for two years without a single failure Proof that JCS’s worm-drive clips can be used for an incredibly diverse range of applications is a project in Alaska to track the behaviour and movement of walruses

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